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The Debatable Podcast

Dec 30, 2013

On our last episode of 2013, James David Patrick returns to talk James Bond, and more specifically his Bond_age livetweet community. It's a great talk with one of my favorite people. Happy New Year!

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Music on this podcast:

Song - A View to a Kill
Album - A View to a Kill (Soundtrack)

Dec 23, 2013

Fernando and I conclude our picks for favorites of 2013. In this episode, we cover TV & FILM. We also talk about our Favorite Pop Culture Discoveries of 2013 -- media that we discovered in 2013, but might not have come out this year.

Our discussion about Film starts at 51:57.
Our discussion about Our Favorite...

Dec 16, 2013

Fernando and I run down our favorites of 2013. On this episode, we talk VIDEO GAMES and MUSIC.

Our discussion about music starts at 37:30. 

Next time: our Favorite TV and FILM of 2013.

Music on this podcast:

Song - The Wire
Album - HAIM
Artist - Days are Gone

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Dec 9, 2013

Will Smith, co-host of the Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema, joins me to talk about his love of film, the podcast and the community that has sprouted up around it. A great talk with a super down-to-earth dude. Enjoy!

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Music on this podcast:

Song - Excursions
Album - The Low End Theory

Nov 17, 2013

Longtime faves of the podcast, Ethan Meyer and Daniel Tayag, join me to run down the good & the bad of Rockstar Games' new blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto 5.

We also talk about game franchises that have become annual-release oriented, including Call of Duty, Madden, and Assassin's Creed. That mixes in with several...