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The Debatable Podcast

Sep 16, 2013

My good friend, Amanda Kincaid, joins me to talk about how we met online in an AOL chatroom, and how our friendship has developed from there. We touch on her bouts with drug use, her time in the army and how she has (and I have) changed. We talk about Star Trek, Breaking Bad and a plethora of nerdity that would make her...

Sep 9, 2013

Author Eric Sipple and the co-hosts of the Gobbledygeek Podcast, AJ Wiley and Paul Smith, join me to talk all about comics. This episode is a primer for comic neophytes, where we discuss the basics for anyone looking to get into or return to the medium. We touch on the major publishers and brands you might be familiar...

Sep 2, 2013

My bestie, Daniel Tayag, joins me to talk about video games, including a long discussion about the narrative of Naughty Dog's THE LAST OF US. We explore the maturing themes and ideas of parenthood in that game.

SPOILERS AHOY - we talk about THE LAST OF US from 00:14:30 - 01:01:06.

In the second part, Dan and I field...