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The Debatable Podcast

Dec 23, 2014

Action-A-Go-Go's editor-in-chief, DEREK SCARZELLA, managing editor, TROY-JEFFREY ALLEN, and contributor, ZAK SANTUCCI, join me for AAGG's Top 10 Action Movies of 2014. Enjoy!

00:20:14 - 00:54:00 - Outliers, Honorable Mentions, Movies that Didn't Make the List

00:54:00 - 02:13:42 - The Top 10


Dec 9, 2014

Good friend, JOSEPH WILLIAM LEWIS, returns to the show to help me analyze PT Anderson's early film, "Boogie Nights," and his last film, "The Master," in advance of his new film, "Inherent Vice," opening in limited release on December 12th. Enjoy!

Smoke Gets in Your Ears - Joseph's new podcast with AJ Wiley & Kenn...

Nov 12, 2014

Eric Sipple joins me again this year to dive into the universe of THE THING. Last year, we tackled John Carpenter's 1982 film. This year, we're tackling THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951) and THE THING (2011). Influences, prequels and social agendas ahoy! We touch on FX, masculinity in the films and explore whether...

Nov 12, 2014

AJ, Paul & Eric join me on the podcast to talk about their new anthology book "The Deli Counter of Justice." We chat about its origins, their take on writing and how it feels to publish an actual, tangible product one can be proud of.

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Eric Sipple on twitter.

His book, Broken Magic, can be bought 

Nov 4, 2014

The lovely ladies of the Beacon Hills After Dark podcast - Sticky Keys (Stacey), Megatron (Meg) & Momo (Monique) - join me to discuss their love/hate relationship with MTV's "Teen Wolf." The conversation then turns to the more serious topic of diversity in media, particularly persons of color in television. We touch...