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The Debatable Podcast

Jan 29, 2014

Making her debut on my podcast finally, my girlfriend, Monique Morgan, joins Daniel Tayag and me to revisit three films that we originally did not have the most favorable experiences with. I rewatched MYSTERY MEN, the goofy tale of ne'er-do-well superheroes. Daniel jumps back on the bandwagon of a cinema classic, BLADE...

Jan 21, 2014

Jason Tabrys joins me, along with AJ Wiley of the Gobbledygeek podcast, to talk his writer beginnings and the road that led to his venerable geek podcast, The BastardCast, co-hosted with Jeremy R! Hudson. We also touch on Superman & Batman delays, and our fears of what the recent ruling on net neutrality might...

Jan 16, 2014

Jason Tabrys, AJ Wiley & Paul Smith join me for an emergencycast. We talk porn, sex jokes, Doctor Who, our favorite and most hated films of 2013, the return of TV, reddit and net neutrality. And, at some point, Jason breaks out into song. It's a FUN time. Hope you enjoy!

Music on this podcast:

Song - 10 A.M. Automatic