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The Debatable Podcast

Jun 22, 2014


Good friend, JOSH EISENBERG, joins me for a detour-filled & sometimes awkwardly hilarious talk. Along for the ride is his friend Marjory. We chat about karaoke etiquette and Josh's recent, less-than-wonderful mingling with Millennials in New York City. We come to a conclusion: the art of good...

Jun 17, 2014

Good friends, ROB & LAURA THORP, join me to talk about marriage and children, and why those things don't work for everyone. Along the way, we explore how they are diverting society's expectations as a young married couple, how they define "family" in the face of tradition and religion, and why they don't necessarily see...

Jun 10, 2014

Troy-Jeffrey Allen reviews "Edge of Tomorrow."

Jun 3, 2014

Our 2nd Anniversary extravaganza with friends of the show, FERNANDO MADRIGAL and DANIEL TAYAG!

00:06:09 - 00:28:55 Beginnings of Debatable, Favorite Episodes, Critical Episodes
00:28:55 - 00:46:08 Ending MoviePass and Summer Movie Season
00:46:08 - 01:11:03 Fox, The X-Men Series, The Last Stand, Days of Future...