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The Debatable Podcast

Mar 31, 2015

CHRISTINE MAKEPEACE of The Feminine Critique podcast returns to the show to tackle the stigma around pornography. We explore how the medium is not the traditional prison of exploitation that the mainstream world would have you believe. We also break down the shaming and taboo of porn, look at the feminism it represents,...

Mar 17, 2015

JAMES DAVID PATRICK, he of the James Bond Social Media Project, #Bond_age_, returns to the show to discuss a phase of film very near and dear to his heart. Cocaine Noir, or Neon Noir, encapsulates a type of sleazy, sexy, violent thriller popular throughout the 1980s and through to the mid-1990s. We define it, explore...

Mar 3, 2015

WENDI FREEMAN joins me to dip our toes into media overload. We touch on television, film, comic books, hip hop, podcasting, women in the industry, black nerds, and basically everything under the sun. A great talk!

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