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The Debatable Podcast

Nov 29, 2017

MATT ZOLLER SEITZ returns to the show along with fellow film critic and author SIMON ABRAMS to talk about their new book detailing Guillermo Del Toro's The Devil's Backbone. We talk the making of the book, the fascination with Del Toro's unique vision, auteurism, the composer/director relationship, and future...

Nov 22, 2017

FERNANDO MADRIGAL, the Prodigal Son, returns to Debatable to discuss his burgeoning stand-up comedy career. We talk about his journey and the comedy atmosphere of DC and Baltimore. Then, we dig into our Top 5 Favorite Stand-Up Specials. Enjoy!

4:02 - Fernando's set from French Quarter Brasserie, Fairfax,...

Oct 5, 2017

AUNDRIA PARKER and I discuss FF DAY 7 & 8!

Today's Movies:
BODIED (2017, Dir. Joseph Kahn)
V.I.P. (2017, Dir. Park Hoon-jung)
78/52 (2017, Dir. Alexandre O. Philippe)
THE ENDLESS (2017, Dir. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead)
DOWNSIZING (2017, Dir. Alexander Payne)


Oct 5, 2017

AUNDRIA PARKER and I discuss FF DAY 6!

Today's Movies:
THE MERCILESS (2017, Dir. Byun Sung-hyun)
MOM AND DAD (2017, Dir. Brian Taylor)
GIRL AT THE DOOR (2017, Dir. Joo-Sung Song)

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Music on this...

Oct 4, 2017

AUNDRIA PARKER and I discuss FF DAY 4 & 5!

Today's Movies:
FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES (2017, Dir. Michael Matthews)
WHEELMAN (2017, Dir. Jeremy Rush)
THE CURED (2017, Dir. David Freyne)
Secret Screening: THE DEATH OF STALIN (2017, Dir. Armando Iannucci)
LET THE CORPSES TAN (2017, Dir. Hélène Cattet & Bruno...