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The Debatable Podcast

Jul 7, 2015

Hosts of the Gobbledygeek Podcast, AJ WILEY and PAUL SMITH, return to the show to finally tackle 1986's Howard the Duck. This idea has been gestating for awhile, but we finally got it laid down on digital wax. We talk about the movie's dubious reputation as one of the worst movies ever (it isn't), our guilty pleasures, likes and dislikes, and the history of its production, including its comic origins and role in the creation of Pixar. We also touch on Jeffrey Jones (not vice versa), Tim Robbins, Lea Thompson, the Thomas Dolby-produced music, and the rather excellent make-up and visual effects. Enjoy!

As we usually do this time of year, THE DEBATABLE PODCAST is going on hiatus for the rest of the summer. We might have a few surprises that pop up, but otherwise we will return in September!

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Music on this podcast:

Artist: Tyler Bates
Song: The Final Battle Begins

Artist: Thomas Dolby and The Cherry Bombs
Song: Hunger City

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