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The Debatable Podcast

Sep 1, 2015

DANIEL TAYAG returns to the show to help me root around in the listener mailbag. We got some great questions & comments this go 'round! Thanks so much to all who contributed!

Dan on twitter
Dan's production company, Nice Guy Productions!

Topics covered:

Angela Swisko's Podcast Return
Ethan Meyer's Podcast Ban
Why Gobbledygeek is So Much Better than Debatable
Snoop Dogg, Endo and Gin & Juice
Haven on Syfy
Aspect Ratio Disparities in DVD Releases
Sex and Nudity in Video Games
The Room and Watching “Bad” Movies
Game of Thrones: Who Would You Be?
Who Will Win the Game of Thrones?
Bill Cosby, Woody Allen & Roman Polanski: Race, Rape & Legacy
Podcasting: How It's Changed & How It's Changed Me
True Detective: Season Two

Many thanks to Parker for doing the show intro!

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Music on this podcast:

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Song: Sir Duke

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