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The Debatable Podcast

Jun 14, 2016

LIZ REED, co-creator of Cuddles and Rage, joins me to talk about her origins, creativity, the C&R empire and upcoming book, and a ton of other detours. We touch on her college life, working in the corporate sector, the difficulties of creating and criticizing with your husband, Fallout 4, why she started her own podcast, and the tenacious personality Reed brings to all her endeavors.

I was very pleased to have Liz on for our FOURTH ANNIVERSARY show! Whether you're a longtime listener or have just found the show recently, thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy!

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Music on this podcast:

Artist: The Ink Spots featuring Bill Kenny & Ella Fitzgerald
Song: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Artist: Gorillaz featuring Gruff Rhys & De La Soul
Song: Superfast Jellyfish

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