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The Debatable Podcast

Aug 28, 2012

Mike Barroga joins me to talk about our college years at Towson University, which spawned one of the most creatively fruitful times in the lives of several film students, including myself, as we worked on Barroga's narrative comedy "Film School." We reminisce about Towson's TV station, WMJF, how that experience grew friendships, and how it served as the origin for a lot of us still working in film & television. A great conversation!

"Film School" on Facebook (episodes to be posted in the future):

After listening to the show, check out Film School Episode 4 "Will vs. Dante" directed by Daniel Tayag: (rough stuff, folks. but a great time capsule. check out young people!)

Music on this podcast brought to you by Music Alley:
Artist: urbanspacelab - Song: Nightmare Boy