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The Debatable Podcast

Sep 10, 2012

James McCormick joins me on this gigantic 2-hour episode where we talk about, basically, everything.

He is co-host of three well-known podcasts: one praying at the altar of everything Criterion Collection, "CriterionCast," the excellent film fandom show, "cineAWESOME!," and one where he, along with his girlfriend Danyell, watches and reviews romantic comedies, "The Hopeful Romantics."

James and I touch on Batman, Kevin Smith, William Friedkin, bootleg VHS tapes, a plethora of movies & genre filmmaking, the greatness of the Criterion Collection, writing, his biography and -- quite possibly -- we solve social injustice the world over.

Film buffs, film nerds, filmmakers, critics & bloggers, rejoice!

James on Twitter
The Hopeful Romantics
And all are available on iTunes too.

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