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The Debatable Podcast

Oct 1, 2012

Daniel Tayag returns to the podcast to field listener mail with me. It's a sporadic and schizophrenic discussion. And, we had a damn fun time doing it.

Special Thanks to Chris Hanyok, Mike McPherson, Glenn DelRossi, Jordan Coulson, Pete Thompson, Viviana Westbrook, Mike Barroga, Fernando Madrigal, Ashley West, Angela Harper and Michael Bennett for sending in questions!!

We talked about everything from what would be your Type 2 Diabetes death meal to thoughts on the Matrix and Die Hard sequels to the age old question of who shot Nice Guy Eddie, as well as a lightning round of personal questions on Dan's ethnicity, Starbucks' seasonal drinks and our Blu-Ray/DVD collections.

Hope you enjoy!

Music on this podcast brought to you by Music Alley
Artist: Gallara - Song: Mano Armata