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The Debatable Podcast

Mar 30, 2013

Keith Strandberg joins me via Skype from Switzerland. I first met Keith as a professor at my alma mater, Towson University. He taught producing and screenwriting. In addition to that, he has had a storied career. From his beginnings getting interested in martial arts and learning Chinese, Keith eventually ended up in China. Through writing screenplays, he got involved in the action film business at the height of its popularity internationally. We spend the show exploring his career, which includes writing the film that introduced the world to Jean-Claude Van Damme, "No Retreat, No Surrender."

Great interview with Keith over at City on Fire; covers some great topics we didn't touch on in the podcast

Chris LaMartina & Jimmy George's films on Amazon

A Black Man's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Dan Tayag & Joe Davidson freelance contact at Nice Guy Productions

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Artist: KiD Carbuncle - Song: The Whistleblower