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The Debatable Podcast

Apr 8, 2013

John Bennett is an actor in Baltimore. I got to know him back in the college years through his brother, Mike, who made short films & music videos with their friend Nikc Miller. They were known under the banner of Better Hollywood Productions, and John was a featured performer in most if not all of their projects. John still acts and currently hosts several shows in the city, including "Mondo Baltimore" (a night of bad movies and good drinks at the art friendly Windup Space) and "Expert of Nothing" (a comical trivia game show), and he's host of The Chuckwagon Revival podcast along with two friends across the country.

John Bennett on Twitter
The Chuckwagon Revival Podcast - iTunes & Tumblr
Mondo Baltimore
Expert of Nothing

A Selection of John’s work in Better Hollywood Productions:
Penis Reduction Full Infomercial (featuring Dan Tayag & Shawn C. Phillips too!)
Sex with a Pillow
Robert Evans Trains a Dog
Why Did You Kill Me Mommy?
Amish Computer Commercial

Music on this podcast brought to you by Music Alley
Artist: Whitney Ross-Barris - Song: Jockey Full of Bourbon (Tom Waits cover)