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The Debatable Podcast

Jul 2, 2012

On the fourth episode, Ethan Meyer joins me via Skype. He is a TV producer, filmmaker, and all around funny dude. He tells me about his experiences breaking into the film & television industry, from starting as a Production Assistant on HBO's "The Wire" to becoming an Associate Producer on shows like History Channel's "American Pickers" and E! Entertainment Television's "Ice Loves Coco." He also talks about his short film "All's Fair in Love & Work," which you can check out below. Great talk!

Ethan's website:
Ethan's short film, All's Fair in Love & Work:
All's Fair in Love & Work on Facebook:

Music on this podcast brought to you by Vanish Records:
Artist: Goodnight Moon - Song: Molecules
Artist: Goodnight Moon - Song: Bio Weapon
Look for Thomas Seim on a future episode of The Debatable Podcast!