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The Debatable Podcast

Sep 9, 2013

Author Eric Sipple and the co-hosts of the Gobbledygeek Podcast, AJ Wiley and Paul Smith, join me to talk all about comics. This episode is a primer for comic neophytes, where we discuss the basics for anyone looking to get into or return to the medium. We touch on the major publishers and brands you might be familiar with and explore the starting points for any serious reader. In the second part, the trio list their Top 5 Gateway Comics and their Top 5 Favorite Comics. We also talk about where NOT to begin. It's a gargantuan good time. Enjoy!

The lists start at 01:23:50.

Gobbledygeek's Four-Color Flashback on "Preacher."

Gene Kannenberg's list of the 500 Essential Graphic Novels.

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"Comfort" by ARMS
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