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The Debatable Podcast

Oct 7, 2014

KENN EDWARDS and JOSEPH WILLIAM LEWIS, great friends and former Debatable guests, return together to talk about the big questions! Starting as having no idea what we were going to discuss, we quickly found ourselves jumping into the worries & concerns that kind of plague adult life. We explore maturity, generational differences, what makes a man, how we define success, how marriage and kids fit into our life plans, being present for one's existence and a shitload of philosophical questions along the way. Later, we revisit the topic of filmmaker Kevin Smith, being a part of his coterie audience and what we thought about his new film, "Tusk." Enjoy going down the rabbit hole!

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Music on this podcast:

Artist: Spoon - Song: Paper Tiger - Album: Kill the Moonlight
Artist: Henry Mancini - Song: Tana's Theme - Album: Touch of Evil OST

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