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The Debatable Podcast

Jan 13, 2015

HBO's "True Detective" was a stunner for me when it originally aired. College friend, Caleb Armstrong, joined me back in March to chat about the things we loved so much, from its tone to its lead actors to its influences.

Now, one year later, ERIC SIPPLE, joins me for a re-evaluation. This past week, Eric watched the show for the first time, and unfortunately, it was quite bittersweet. Having cooled on it myself during a recent rewatch, while maintaining a love for a lot of its elements, Eric and I jump into discussing the show with a more critical eye. We break down its serial killer plot shortcomings, how it compares to other shows in the genre, the flaws with its characterizations, its showrunners and its mind-numbingly stupid antagonist. We touch on Twin Peaks, Banshee, and Terrence Malick as well.


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